Steve Dervenis

Managing Partner


Prior to founding Carillon Capital LLC, Steve spent nearly 20 years in leadership positions at a variety of Wall Street firms and cutting edge technology oriented financial companies. Early in his career, Steve held positions in mortgage and asset backed structuring and trading at such firms such as Lehman Brothers and JPMorgan and later held senior trading and investment banking positions at Barclays Capital.

In late 1997, Steve assumed the role of President and CEO of Telebanc Capital Markets, where he was responsible for the growth and management of the bank balance sheet at which time the bank was $600 million in assets. During his tenure, the company was purchased by E*TRADE FINANCIAL, where he immediately assumed the role as CEO of E*TRADE Global Asset Management, and he had direct responsibility for building some of the largest and most profitable businesses within the firm. He led the acquisition of a direct mortgage lender and the diversity of the balance sheet in alternative asset classes. By the time he left in 2003, he had grown the balance sheet to over $25 billion in assets under management and achieved record levels of earnings and profitability for the firm.

In 2004, he joined Stampede Holding’s, a private bank holding company. Stampede Holding’s was funded with $30 million in private equity investments to acquire a rare distressed Industrial Loan Chartered bank designed to grow via the acquisition of loans and syndications from other lenders and depository institutions and not direct lending. The Company grew from $40 million in assets to over $250 million by the end of 2007 and completed over 100 transactions in partnership with well over 100 firms.

Steve’s experience includes a variety of disciplines including: trading and structuring billions of dollars in residential mortgage and consumer related securities and whole loans, identifying emerging asset investment and securitization opportunities in Asia and Europe, overseeing a fixed income portfolio, executive management experience growing businesses, and acquiring and integrating new business lines, including a variety of new products and acquisitions of technology oriented financial and non-financial firms. Steve brings extensive experience working with early-stage companies from a business development and capital markets perspective.

He holds a B.S. degree from the University of Maryland at College Park.